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About Northwind Illustrations

Hi there! I'm Toks Agosu, the artist behind Northwind Illustrations. Vibrant colors, joyful energy, and a healthy dose of hope - that's what I infuse into every piece! Ready for a visual pick-me-up? Explore my art and let it brighten your day!

Background and Experience

Toks Agosu studied Multimedia Technology and Design at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.

His artistic journey began as a way to navigate life's adversities. It led him to actively seek out the beauty within everyday moments.

Toks is also the author of a children's book titled Kolobo, which reflects on his experiences growing up in Nigeria and moving to the UK.

Artistic Focus

Toks Agosu primarily works with ink on paper. His subject matter is diverse, encompassing sports, nature, spirituality, abstraction, and music. His mission is to infuse his collectors with a sense of hope, fun, and joy. He achieves this by using uplifting colors, whimsical expressions, and creating spaces within his artwork that invite viewers to participate and experience the sense of movement.

One intriguing aspect of his art is the way it sparks curiosity - collectors often ask him "where does your artwork start and where does it end?"


Toks Agosu finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the precious moments he encounters in everyday life.


  • Peace in Nature Virtual Exhibition
  • Author of Children's Book - Kolobo